TIS teacher partners with scientists to make science fun in her classroom

Published 3:34 pm Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thompson Intermediate School teacher Julanda George is making a difference.

George has partnered with a group of scientists at PicScience LLC to customize lessons for her classroom.

George is using animated PowerPoint presentations developed by scientists at PicScience to help kids learn science concepts that may otherwise be difficult to grasp.

The fourth-grade teacher is committed to engaging her students and keeping them interested in science education.

In a world where children have all sorts of gadgets and technology competing for their attention, teachers are finding it harder for students to focus on academics.

In a world of Facebook, Twitter, video games and iPhones, kids are quickly bored by the conventional methods of teaching.

Teachers like George are finding ways to use technology to help them engage students in the classroom.

“The PicScience educational tools help me go the extra mile to make science fun in my classroom,” George said.

TIS Principal Dr. Ke Jones said the partnership between the school and PicScience has been a win-win for both the teachers and the students.

“Julanda George is an awesome teacher and her students are the beneficiaries of meaningful, explicit instruction from her. This is done because of her knowledge of the content matter and her passion for her field of study and students,” Jones said. β€œIn addition to this, her desire is to teach all content areas to fidelity through innovative and creative designs to meet the diverse needs of all students in her room. Partnering with PicScience is one of the ways that she ensures that her students succeed.”