Candidates must be held to standards

Published 12:52 pm Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dear Editor,

It seems early, but of us who think the campaigning and electioneering never cease are about right. As someone who attended local tea parties last year, I realize how critical the coming months are for Alabama and the nation. If we are to take our country back, we must seek out and support candidates who will represent the values we cherish and defend our freedoms.

When you find a worthy candidate, put their sign in your yard and their bumper sticker on your car. Send a financial contribution. Your contribution, even a small amount, encourages them more than you know, and campaigns are expensive.

I have examined our candidates for governor of Alabama and you should, too. There is one who, in my opinion, stands head and shoulders above the pack, and that is Tim James. He has the potential to be the best governor Alabama has ever had.

Go on his website,, to research his positions and what he wants to do for Alabama. His slogan is “Common Sense.” His ideas are his own, not some focus group.

Another plus: he is not a politician or a lawyer, but a successful businessman.

He loves his family and lives his faith. As the son of Fob James (but not the clone of his dad), he is politically connected enough to be ready to lead Alabama from Day One.

All candidates must be held to our high standards this year of all years. Our future is at stake.