Thomas the Tank Engine meets Pinkalicious

Published 3:58 pm Monday, May 3, 2010

Thomas the Tank Engine tooted his whistle as he left the Island of Sodor.

He was excited about visiting Calera again. This was Thomas and Sir Topham Hatt’s 12th trip to the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum.

Steam billowed from Thomas’ stack as he chugged along the rails. Rounding the bend, he could see boys and girls of all ages waiting for him.

As he got closer he saw the Imagination Station, food vendors, petting zoo, tattoo tent, putt-putt course and train-shaped balloons bobbing in the air.

He could hear the musician singing and children blowing wooden train whistles. Thomas came to a stop with a big smile on his face. A little girl, dressed in pink, was waiting to board. Thomas was puzzled. Most of the children wore engineer hats and T-shirts bearing his picture.

“You don’t look like an engineer,” said the cheeky little engine.

“That’s because I’m a princess … see,” 4-year-old Emma Zeimet said as she pointed to the word “princess” on her shirt.

Thomas looked at her pink shirt, pink tutu, pink leggings and pink with white polka dots hairbow.

“My name is Emma, but call me Pinkalicious. That’s my nickname cause pink is my favorite color. I would wear pink everyday if my mommy would let me,” she said.

“It’s nice to meet you,” said Thomas. “Do you watch me on television?”

“Jon Ryan, my brother, does,” Pinkalicious said. “I’m more interested in how things work –– the mechanics.”

“I’m a really useful engine,” Thomas said proudly. “Percy, my best friend, is a saddletank engine.”

“My best friend is Ivy,” Pinkalicious responded.

Thomas met Jon Ryan, Emma’s mommy and grandparents. Her daddy could not come. He is a golf pro and director of Country Club of Mobile.

Pinkalicious told Thomas she would play putt-putt after the ride. “Can you guess what color golf ball I’ll choose?” she asked him.

“Pink!” exclaimed Thomas.

Just as Thomas was going to say he really liked her pink toenails, Mr. Conductor called, “All aboard!”

Pinkalicious and her family boarded the Frisco car. Thomas took them for a scenic ride through the Timberline golf course.

Emma is the daughter of Beth and Jon Zeimet Of Spanish Fort. Her grandparents, Blake and Emily Fulmer, live in Hoover.

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