Organization sowing seeds by providing 100 kids with free summer lunches

Published 3:36 pm Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More than 100 children living in low-income areas of Alabaster will be provided a lunch, free of charge, each weekday in June and July thanks to Sowers of Seed, an organization aimed at making children in the community healthier and happier.

Lynn Coleman, a registered dietician who organized Sowers of Seed, said that since schools cannot offer free lunches if more than 50 percent of the student population does not participate in the free lunch program, there was a need not being met in the community.

“In Alabaster, there is a need of a summer lunch program,” Coleman said.

Our Daily Bread will provide the healthy meals, complete with nutritional information and tips on the box, and Coleman will deliver the meals to several pick-up points in the city.

Children who will receive the meals were identified through the school free lunch programs, and Coleman said the meals will conform with state nutritional guidelines.

The program will begin Tuesday, June 1 and will run through Friday, July 30.

Coleman said the program will not only help ensure that low-income families have meals for their children, but it will also help the kids become better and more attentive students as they will be healthier.

“If you have a hungry child, they are going to act up,” Coleman said. “Kids that get balanced meals throughout the day are socially better off. They are going to be better students when they re-enter school in the fall.”

Coleman also said kids in low-income families usually aren’t exposed to healthy foods, and this program will not only provide them with healthy meals, but it will also provide them with healthy choices.

“Kids in low-income families, they eat high sugar foods, cookies, candy, anything they can get their hands on,” Coleman said. “This will supplement their dietary needs.”

In addition to Our Daily Bread lending their support, Coleman said Westwood Baptist Church has helped spread the word to other churches in the area, while also making a donation to the organization.

Kona Ice is also pitching in by donating a portion of proceeds from certain sales to the organization.

Coleman said the organization will soon begin placing empty peanut butter jars throughout businesses in the city to help collect loose change.

For more information about Sowers of Seed or to make a donation, call 663-3399.