Fine arts club supports town

Published 3:43 pm Monday, May 10, 2010

The Fine Arts Club of Wilsonville is busy this time of year carrying out their community service projects while enjoying the fellowship of each other.

The group looks forward to meeting the third Monday of each month from September to May, which is when they discuss ways to raise money and plan dates projects.

Sandi Smith is the president, Judy Lee is vice-president, Patsy Coley is secretary and Gail Logan is treasurer. The group consists of 20 other motivated members.

“Please come and join us” the group encourages others from the community.

On May 2 the group celebrated their 50-year anniversary with one of their original members, Kathryn Carey who is still very involved in the group.

Every year the group donates $500 to the volunteer fire department of Wilsonville. Last year they also gave money to Family Connection, and this year they chose to help support a young boy from the community. They have also made it possible for many young girls to join the Wilsonville softball team, whom otherwise may not have gotten to participate.

“Now that we have raised a little more money we are trying to do things throughout the community to help children who wouldn’t normally get to do things” Smith said.

They also have guest speakers at their meetings. The sheriff came one day to talk to the women about protecting themselves.

“That was absolutely wonderful. It was so informative. We have the meetings to enrich ourselves and help the community too,” Smith said.

Two of the projects they look forward to each year, are helping the Wilsonville Fire Department and South Shelby Rescue. After raising the money, the group meets for their annual Fish Fry, where Smith presents the checks to the Fire department Chief Davy Edwards and Shelby Rescue.

Last year the club planned a Thrift Store Fashion Show for entertainment. Ladies came to show off their attire and were all smiles. They were diverted with laughter and had a great time while still knowing the purpose of what they stand for.

On the May 1, it was the perfect weather for the organization’s annual plant and bake sale. They began preparing for this day well in advance as they shared their favorite most sacred recipes. Motivated to beautify the town, and anyone’s yard who wished to visit, they began at 8 a.m., and went until 1 p.m.. The Fine Arts Club was able to raise over $1,100.

“We were so excited. It was a record, so we will be able to help some more families in the community this time” Smith said.

Joseph Knight, a resident of Chelsea, has generously donated the majority of the plants for the sale each year.

“We were so grateful for that. He is just a wonderful person.” Smith said. Other plants are potted throughout the year by the members themselves.

Guests who came and supported the event where thrilled to choose from the great selection of hand-painted stoneware and other garden charms. In addition to the garden tools and trinkets, the shrubs, trees and other plants were a popular hit as well.

While many of the women enjoyed accessorizing their gardens, they found the men over at the baked goods prioritizing over homemade cookies and jellies.

The group is planning to host a dedication of the Wilsonville cemetery to be a historical site in June.

Kennedy Tolbert is the new community columnist for Wilsonville. She can be reached at