Westover establishes community garden

Published 4:01 pm Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Westover officials and volunteers are working to bring more green thumbs to the town, while also helping those in need.

The town recently established a community garden on Old U.S. 280 near the town center, and Westover’s seniors are seeking to use it to help those facing tough economic times.

The community garden has already been cultivated, and Town Council Member Larry Riggins has planted beans, squash, okra and tomatoes “with a little room left to add to.”

Even though Riggins helped establish the garden, it will be up to the town’s seniors to make sure it thrives, he said.

“The seniors group is always involved in some sort of project, and this is one way they can take ownership in and provide some positive impact on the community, especially those that need it most,” Riggins said.

“The thought of the garden is to enable the citizens of Westover, who may not have the space, time or money to enjoy home-grown vegetables, to receive them free, upon request, and in a reasonable quantity,” Riggins added. “The seniors know everyone, and for them to be able to direct these items to those who need it most, I think, will be as positive an effort as anyone could hope for.”

The seniors will be working to ensure the vegetables grow properly, and will work every week to maintain the garden, Riggins said.

“Who knows?” Riggins said. “There may even be enough for the seniors to sell them and establish a fund for something they need.”

For more information about the community garden, or to volunteer to help with the project, call town hall at 678-3375, or e-mail Riggins at lriggins@westoveralabama.org.