It’s the final countdown

Published 12:24 pm Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You would think this close to school being out, we would be winding down and getting to relax.

Well, that is definitely not the case.

These last three weeks are a circus for the seniors.

We are currently in a balancing act of studying for AP exams, finishing final projects, sending out graduation announcements, preparing for the senior luncheon, going on final field trips, and attending senior banquets at church.

I have not gotten any sleep in the past three and a half weeks, and I think it is safe to say I am not the only worn-out, sleep- deprived senior sleep-walking through the halls of Pelham High school.

Last month, I registered for my fall classes at the University of Montevallo.

That campus is a breath-taking new world and I cannot wait to walk its flower-strewn sidewalks this fall, but having to log on to my forum account and campus e-mail is just one more thing I have had to add to my daily to-do lists.

At this point, the aspect of finally graduating that I am honestly looking the most forward to is getting to sleep. A large percentage of the senior class at Pelham, myself included, goes to school during the week and then gets up and goes to work on Saturdays and attends church and then goes back to work on Sundays.

It will be very refreshing to go from spending 35 hours a week in a classroom to the 15 hours I will spend in a classroom come August.

Now that it is officially my graduation month, instead of the wave of relief I had always imagined I would feel, stress is still piling on me by the tons.

Hopefully, after my AP exam my life will start to slow down and I will finally be able to savor these last few days.

The next time that you hear from me I will be a high school graduate.