With age comes wisdom, but not necessarily adaptability

Published 3:41 pm Monday, May 17, 2010

Throughout the years, most have heard that with age comes wisdom.

While most agree, I would beg to differ with that statement. Many years ago everything was done by hand. No computers, no cell phones and not even calculators were present at that point in time.

After the gradual changes of technology set in, earlier generations had no idea what to make of it.

“It was as different as night and day,” says high school teacher Loyd Mehaffey.

Advancement and knowledge in today’s technological world is almost a necessity. Something as simple as getting a job requires so much involvement with technology. We were raised into a world of technology while our teachers, parents and grandparents had to make a transition into something they knew nothing about.

At this point in time, it could easily be said that some students know more about technology than their teachers.

As they continue to learn more about technology, their jobs get easier. They type faster, search the Internet more quickly and even make power points without difficulty. Sooner or later, these experienced teachers will be just as techno savvy as their students.

Some think we are too dependent on technology, while others believe the exact opposite. If the technology is right in front of us, and we refuse to take advantage of it, then we’re not successfully relying on the resources we have. If we were more dependent on technology, then figuring out how it operates would come easier.

Growing up in a world with cars, TVs and phones is a privilege, but using them is a right. The older a person gets does not necessarily mean he or she is smarter, it just means they have an opportunity to be taught for a change.

Try putting aside teaching for just a second and realize that technology is the language teenagers speak today.

Don’t fall behind today’s youth.

Maybe grandma and grandpa can’t send 100 texts per minute, but citizens can take the steps to becoming more techno-savvy. Spend some time with your children, grandchildren, students and neighbors and let them show you some new technology.

Morgan Schwent is a student at Vincent Middle/High School.