Shelby Academy for sale?

Published 12:45 pm Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Could the doors to Shelby Academy be closed forever and the property sold?

Some Shelby County residents, former teachers and Shelby Academy parents are asking those questions after a May 24 closed-door meeting at the school.

The meeting was open only to the school’s board of trustees and school members, which included dues-paying parents, alumni and others, said board of trustees President Paige Phillips.

Some local residents, members of the media and former teachers were turned away from the meeting, which lasted nearly five hours.

According to a former teacher who asked to not be identified, she has not been paid by the school for work she did during the 2008-2009 school year. She said she believed the board was meeting to discuss selling the school.

Several meeting attendees, who asked to not be identified, said the board of trustees agreed at the closed meeting to close the school and sell the property if it could find another educational institution to purchase it.

However, as of May 26 board of trustees President Paige Phillips was unable to confirm any meeting details.

“Today, I don’t have anything to tell you, because I can’t really say anything without the board’s approval,” Phillips said. “There’s really not a whole lot of news right now.

“The board has the best interest of the school at heart,” she added. “It was a very lengthy meeting. As of right now, I can’t give any comment. This will all come out very soon.”

The board usually meets on a weekly basis, she said.

Mitchell Spears, the attorney for the school, said he is not yet able to reveal what happened during the meeting.

“I think there will have to be some more information passed around before we can have full disclosure,” he said.