One Nineteen promotes wellness

Published 1:09 pm Friday, May 28, 2010

On May 1, St. Vincent’s One Nineteen Health & Wellness in Greystone held its third-annual festival, and I arrived well before the scheduled opening to beat crowds. Lines of registrants were already forming.

A stream of smiling staff began at the front door where a fine door prize (exercise equipment) awaited delivery to a lucky winner. Inside vendor tables lined a hallway leading to the auditorium, offering health services, products and pastoral care. Many presented gifts. My own festival bag was full, bulging with a sports water bottle, T-shirt and pens. Entering the auditorium at the end of the hall, a giant pink tube welcomed attendees, an inflatable colon big enough for a crowd to walk through and gaze at its lining blotched with tumors. It was an educational model of a human gut presented by Rumpshaker 5K, demonstrating healthy and sick tissue. I added a red pen shaped like a stomach to my bag.

Stopping at the test registration desk, I noted several lines were forming in front of tables marked “blood pressure,” “bone density” and “blood work.” Cheerful professionals were armed and ready, titles on name tags silent witnesses to their years of preparatory schooling for this day. I got in line to be stuck.

Five minutes or so later I sat down with a smiling counselor. She explained my lab values and test results.

“Your bone density is off the charts on the healthy side. Keep up the good work,” she said.

Cholesterol was another tale entirely. A tub of ice cream in my freezer is one culprit raising LDL levels. “Mine’s genetic,” I said. “Like those folks in Italy who drink wine, eat olive oil and live to be 120.”

She smiled. Thrilled with test results better than someone half my age, I took copies in hand, going down the gauntlet of vendor tables on my way to the exit door, passing an inflatable room for children’s play, a McWane Center table and a mammogram for $99. I didn’t pause to learn my body fat, body mass index or grip strength. Like my colon, they’re doing just fine, I’m sure.

One Nineteen has regular events where the community is welcome. They offer multiple physician specialties, diagnostic services, physical therapy, fitness center, and my favorite area, a luxurious Medi-Spa.

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