PHS New Choir sings old song

Published 1:16 pm Friday, May 28, 2010

Pelham High School’s graduation featured a new choir singing the alma mater this year.

Several members of this new group have been at PHS much longer than the usual four years; however, they’re not underachievers.

Members of the new choir included Lynne Jebeles, Nelson Gooden, Jeremy Simpson, Brian Rockett, Alisa Creel, Janet Bishop, Kim Harrison, Lyn MacQueen, Emily Murray and Rob Hilliker.

Yes, PHS Choir teacher Lynne Jebeles has added one more performing group to her repertoire — the PHS Faculty Ensemble. “I have wanted to do this for a long time,” Jebeles said.

We have many talented faculty members who sang in high school, college or church.”

In addition to Pelham’s newest choir, graduation featured student singers also.

All senior choir members sang the National Anthem, the Chamber Choir sang “When You Believe,” and Lauren Hendon sang “We are One.” Hendon, who has enjoyed a PHS performing career in both theater and choir, journeys to California in the fall to study at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy on scholarship.

Graduating singers were torn about singing their last songs.

One of my favorites performing in the Faculty Ensemble was singing her last song for PHS also.

Spanish teacher Janet Bishop retires this year from PHS.

“I have so many memories of PHS.  Truly this group of PHS folks has been my family,” Bishop said.

“I will miss laughter with students, laughter with teachers, Panther Princess, Homecoming, students who really try and finally ‘get it’ and are so happy, students who take the time to say thanks or tell me how they’re really using their Spanish  and too many other things to list.”

PHS principal Bob Lavett will hire a new Spanish teacher, but Bishop will never be replaced.

“I will always pray for PHS and its students and teachers,” she said.

Are there future bookings for the returning members of the PHS Faculty Ensemble?

Faculty Ensemble director and member Jebeles said, “After the first performance, I am pleased. Making music is magic. We sound good and we’re having fun. Who knows where we’ll go from here?”

I can hardly wait to get them on stage for Write Night.

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