Remembering America’s fallen warriors

Published 1:15 pm Monday, May 31, 2010

Americans should never forget the millions of U.S. soldiers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect our nation, military, local and American Village officials said during the Village’s Memorial Day celebration.

American Village hosted its sixth-annual Blue Star Salute May 31 in honor of those who have died while serving in America’s military.

This year’s event placed a special emphasis on the fallen soldiers and veterans of the Korean War.

“In 2010, we want to remember the veterans of the Korean War,” said ABC 33/40 News Anchor Dave Baird, who served as master of ceremonies for the day’s opening ceremonies.

“It has long been called the forgotten war, but not today,” Baird added. “This is just one small way we can honor America’s veterans.”

During the event, 88-year-old retired Army Lt. Gen. Hal Moore, for whom American Village’s Liberty Hall is named, said U.S. citizens should always be grateful to those who have fought for America’s freedom.

Before retiring, Moore compiled a lengthy military career, including serving in the Korean War and commanding the 7th Cavalry Regiment during the Battle of la Drang during the Vietnam War.

“The blood of dead soldiers will not wash off our hands. This is as it should be,” Moore said, drawing applause from the hundreds gathered in the Village’s Liberty Hall.

“Blood shed for America should always be visible to the rest of us,” Moore added. “I still see the boots of my dead men sticking out from under their ponchos.”

Moore urged those at the event to always remember the nation’s combat casualties and seek unity with their fellow Americans.

“In those terrible moments when (a soldier’s) heart stops beating forever, the heart of our nation should race at an even faster pace,” Moore said. “That quickening in pace should drive us to unity.”

American Village Chief Executive Officer Tom Walker said he was honored the Village was able to once again host the Blue Star Salute.

“Today we remember those fallen Americans, those children of God. Blessed be their memory,” Walker said. “We are the beneficiaries of what our forefathers called a sacred endowment.

“We remember with thanksgiving to God those who have followed in every generation who not only served, but sacrificed,” Walker added. “It is my hope that this day will stir our very hearts, minds, souls and hands to patriotic service to our country.”