Do your part when recycling

Published 12:14 pm Tuesday, June 1, 2010

With the recent news that recycling will spread countywide Oct. 1, going green just got a lot easier for most county residents.

However, just because a task is easier doesn’t mean it always gets done.

We encourage all of our citizens to take advantage of whatever tools are at your disposal, whether that means curbside recycling, taking recyclable materials to a bin or creating an environmentally friendly household.

Many people will see curbside recycling as a luxury and will opt out of paying the extra $5.06 per month.

That’s fine if you’re looking for any way to pinch pennies, but it’s still worth the extra time and effort to find your local recycling bin.

With the Think Green Rewards, it’s possible curbside recycling could actually save participants some money by allowing customers to collect points to redeem for discounts and coupons for entertainment, dining and travel.

As County Commissioner Larry Dillard said, when citizens participate in recycling, no matter how it’s done, space is saved in the county landfill – which equals money saved in the long run.

We urge all our citizens to seriously consider participating in the curbside recycling service if possible.

If not, please find another way to make a positive impact on the earth – create your own compost pile, reuse materials in your own home or pick up litter. Every little bit helps.