Hill wears many hats in community

Published 3:45 pm Monday, June 14, 2010

Mike Hill serves many roles: son, husband, father, grandfather, Regions banker, Baptist deacon, Auburn alumus, Kiwanis Life member and respected Alabama state representative for District 41, which includes most of Shelby County.

Hill recently won the Republican primary election in a landslide. With no Democratic competitor in November, Hill will complete 28 years in the State House at the end of his seventh term.

Hill is the son of retired Shelby County Board of Education Superintendent Elvin Hill. An elected position, Hill grew up in a family that supported Mr. Elvin in his successful elections.

As a young man, Hill paged for State Rep. John Lewis Cates of Columbiana in Montgomery. There, his political dreams began.

After graduation at Shelby County High School, Hill went to Auburn, where he met junior Carol Hathcock on a blind date. They married in 1971 after graduation. Never did Mike mention to Carol his political aspirations.

Twenty-four years ago, Mike told Carol he wanted to run for the Alabama House. One week later, Carol learned she was carrying their third child.

Pregnant Carol became Hill’s main cheerleader in that first election, putting out signs, attending events at his side.

Father Elvin became his number one supporter, introducing his son to his Shelby County constituents.

Son Hunter was born during that election. Carol cross-stitched a suit that read, “Vote for My Daddy.” Hunter wore it to all of his father’s political events as an infant.

Hill won that election and has been serving the people of Shelby County since with the loyal support of his family.

Carol has served in Montgomery in many capacities as president of the Alabama Legislature Spouses Club and Docent at the Governor’s Mansion.

“Mike is loyal, highly respected and consistent,” said Carol. “You always know where he stands on an issue.”

Daughter Hayden Jeffries is mother to the Hill’s three grandchildren.

“Through the years I have been proud of the choices that (my dad) has made and the stand he takes because I truly believe he seeks God’s guidance and listens to the people he represents,” said Jeffries.

Son Hunter is studying law and is seeking his master’s degree in finance at Alabama.

“My dad gives me hope for the American political system,” Hunter said. “He is the type of man who represents our system well, putting the needs of his constituents first. “

Father Elvin sums it up for the family.

“He is a pretty good boy.”

Shelby County is fortunate to be served by Hill in the Alabama State House.

Phoebe Donald Robinson can be reached by e–mail at phoeberobinson@bellsouth.net.