Company looking to launch town’s future

Published 2:10 pm Tuesday, June 15, 2010

As we are all very much aware, our Vincent Hills Quarry project to bring jobs and significant economic growth to Vincent has been the subject of vigorous community debate for the past 15 months.

During that time, all of us on our team associated with White Rock Quarries have tried very hard to present our case for the project’s approval in a factual, respectful and reasonable manner.

I believe we understand and have fully accepted the responsibility to convince you, the citizens of Vincent, that the quarry would be in the best interests of Vincent for many reasons.

I will not enumerate them all in the limited space I have here, but would encourage you to read our advertisement in today’s Reporter and visit our website,

In another space on this website, you will have the opportunity to read and consider an opposing viewpoint from a non-resident Vincent landowner who is against our project.

In considering both viewpoints, please keep in mind that in presenting our case, we have never tried to mislead you, never tried to twist facts to boost our argument, or confuse the issue with out of context or misleading information — and have never engaged in personal attacks on individuals.

Either I or representatives of White Rock have been accessible, open and always ready to answer questions or provide data or information.

It is important to recognize the upright and honorable manner in which we have conducted this debate because that is the same way we conduct our business and the same way we will operate Vincent Hills Quarry.

I would close by noting one very positive element that has emerged as a result of the last 15 months we have spent in Vincent.

We have come to respect and greatly admire the citizens of Vincent — your history, the pride you have in your community, and the dedication of every citizen to make Vincent all it can be.

We are simply asking for an opportunity to become contributing partners with you for Vincent’s future.