White Rock playing by their own rules

Published 2:08 pm Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 17, a 6 p.m. public hearing will be held at Vincent High School for citizen input on changing Vincent’s residential/agricultural zoning to accommodate White Rock’s “proposed limestone quarry.”

Despite overwhelming opposition, the Vincent council has turned a deaf ear. For a year opponents have diligently, repeatedly asked questions of the council and White Rock to no avail. They alternately ignore questioners, refuse to answer, or regurgitate unsubstantiated statements espoused by White Rock. The public needs to know what is being hidden and why White Rock has become Vincent’s spokesman and governing body.

In spite of repeated offers by a private source to fund an independent study on the impact of a quarry on the town, Vincent has been satisfied to rely on White Rock’s proffered “experts.” What input has White Rock had on documents supplied the town? If there is no danger to property owners ,why does White Rock refuse to post a bond to cover damages?

By admission White Rock will dewater portions of the Vincent area. No provision is made for the cost of a permanent solution to provide water to those on public water or private wells. Who will pay?

To combat its acknowledged caused sinkholes and subsidence, White Rock proposes to inject grout and geotextile fabric into the ground. Why will White Rock not answer questions about the chemical contaminates of hybrid grout and geotextiles and their detrimental effects on the environment and Coosa watershed?

The proposed quarry will imprison the “River Loop,” a geographically isolated community. Blockage of Shelby County 62 and Shelby County 85, and possible vacation of Shelby County 473, closes ingress and egress, making it impossible during a crisis for fire, police and other emergency vehicles to reach the citizens in time. Why won’t the city address this concern?

Questionable ethics, refusal to answer pertinent questions, and unnecessary haste raise the question, “why?” Favoritism of the mayor and council for White Rock is blatant. You do not send the fox to guard the henhouse. Look no further than the Gulf crisis: BP wrote its own rules. Should White Rock?