Shelby County recount results are in

Published 10:29 am Thursday, June 17, 2010

The results of the historic Republican primary recount are in for Shelby County.

The recount, Alabama’s first-ever in a Republican primary election, resulted in Bradley Byrne’s leading the pack with 7,845 votes, or 29.38 percent, up 30 votes from election night. Tim James, the second place vote-getter in Shelby County, brought in a total of 7,497 votes, or 28.07 percent, with an increase of 17 votes. Robert Bentley brought in 7,134 votes, or 26.71 percent, giving him an increase of 15 votes. Roy Moore remained the fourth-place contender, with 3,716 votes, or 13.91 percent, an increase of six votes since election night. None of the other candidates lost or gained votes.

According to the Alabama Republican Party, the recount will not be completed until at least June 18 because Pickens and Green counties did not receive their recount data packs until June 17.

Freddy Ard, chairman of the Shelby County Republican party, said the team of 40 trained poll-workers were “diligent in the process” and that “everyone was satisfied” with the recount results.

Ard said Bentley and James were satisfied with how Shelby County workers handled the recount. “(Bentley and James) expressed their complete satisfaction with the manner in which the Shelby County recount was conducted, and were most appreciative of the professionalism, integrity, and care given to the handling of ballots and the tabulation of results,” Ard said in a press release.

Judge Jim Fuhrmeister, chief election official, said he was pleased with everyone’s roles in the recount.

“We found the procedures we already have in place worked very well,” Fuhrmeister said. “Chris Curry did a great job with ballot security and we didn’t encounter any problems.”

Statewide results are still pending, and updates will be posted as they are received.