Cochran passes the torch

Published 3:20 pm Monday, June 21, 2010

When Liz Cochran was crowned Miss Alabama 2009, I believed that pageant would go down in history as my favorite. Watching Cochran crowned as her supporters celebrated was priceless. Could there be a more wonderful Miss Alabama Pageant?

Miss Alabama 2010 continued the celebration, featuring Cochran in performances each of the four nights of the competition. Cochran’s feature performances quickly made this year’s pageant my new favorite.

Wednesday night’s performance featured Cochran dancing with Pelham High School Pantherettes. Thursday and Friday nights’ dances were ballet and tap. Cochran’s brother danced on stage with her on Saturday night. Cochran said, “Clint has been a trooper throughout my pageant experience. I wanted to let everyone see what a great support he is to me by sharing the stage with him for a special dance.”

Liz and Clint Cochran are close siblings — only one year apart in school, they take every opportunity to be present for one another. Clint Cochran had to be nervous about dancing for a packed house.

Cochran doesn’t have any dance training, but he is a brother who would never let his sister down. All those years that his sister was dancing, Clint Cochran was playing baseball. Cochran never let anything get past him on the baseball field. He could catch.

Liz Cochran’s experience as a dance choreographer has taught her to make the most of the talents of her dancers. Clint Cochran capitalized on his strengths on Saturday night of the Miss Alabama Pageant. Throughout their dance, Cochran caught his sister successfully every time — just as his choreographer had planned.

Later that night, Cochran crowned Miss Alabama 2010, UAB student and Dothan native Ashley Davis. Cochran took her crown and heels off on Saturday night. Early Sunday morning, she put on a pair of tennis shoes better suited for her new job as an emergency room technician at a local hospital. Cochran will work part-time as she returns to Birmingham-Southern to complete her bachelor’s degree and begin applying to medical schools.

Cochran said, “I wouldn’t be where I am today without my family. My mom, dad and my brother are great.” Cochran also announces her engagement to Captain Marvin Carlton Morgan, III. Morgan recently began his second tour of duty in Afghanistan. Cochran said, “We are excited to begin planning a wedding for the fall of 2011.”

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