Family adventure awaits at Chelsea’s Treetop

Published 4:06 pm Monday, June 28, 2010

Vacationing at home clearly makes sense this summer, so we can help our local economy.

I’ve discovered an opportunity for family fun. It’s Treetop Family Adventure.

The sunny afternoon was typical for Alabama in June, hot and humid. Just off Highway 280, turning onto Highway 41, I noticed cars filling a huge paved parking lot next to a new building. Inside, in the cool air, children were at play. In one corner a toddler learned to bowl with kid-sized balls. Red, yellow and blue lights flickered in the arcade. Sounds erupted like noisy calls of jungle birds, computer games beckoning.

Children clearly prefer air conditioning, but I’m a fresh air person, so headed to the back door and sunlight. Pine Falls Miniature Golf Course attracted my attention. There you can enjoy a relaxing stroll through professionally landscaped 18-hole course. It’s plenty challenging. One family seemed not put off by the heat. Ben, Ellen, Taylor and Bailey Yates were playing golf. I stopped them amidst putting, for photos.

Other outdoor activities at Treetop include Chelsea Speedway, a go-cart track like the ones seen way back in gentler times. Children must be 56 inches tall to enjoy the Speedway’s non-stop, wheeling action, and test driving skills. Buckle up, wear a helmet and hold on tight! Treetop’s Water Wars is surely a treat on a hot day. This is competition where opponents go to opposing battle stations with buckets of water balloons and a launcher. Ready, aim, fire!

Treetop Clubhouse is a favorite of children age 2 to 10, where they can run, climb, slide a spiral slide through an indoor playground.

From the top they can overlook the entire exciting facility. Several age-appropriate activities are included in the Clubhouse.

If futuristic games intrigue you, Space Station Laser Tag may be just the ticket. This interactive game is set in a space theme arena with black lighting, theatrical fog, graphics and special effects enough to make it all seem real, even a bit scary.

Treetop offers package deals, group and birthday parties, and has daily specials.

Its Cafe is spacious and comfortable for a quick bite or a family meal.

It’s open seven days a week. Call 637-3780 for information and hours, or see

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