Long-time friends enjoy married life together

Published 4:10 pm Monday, June 28, 2010

In Wilsonville, you see friends wherever you go, and neighbors are always there to talk and share special memories.

More and more young couples are moving to Wilsonville to start their lives and build their families together in this special place that feels like home. Some say it is as close as you can get to the “Little House on the Prairie” days.

“It is so peaceful and quiet out there, we love it,” Nicole Andrews said of her new home with husband, Evan Andrews. They moved to Wilsonville in November of this past year, and each agrees this is where they are meant to be.

Evan works installing ceramic tile and hardwood and Nicole works for Brookwood Primary Care. They both love their jobs and describe the best part of living in Wilsonville as the fact that everyone is so close.So many people grew up here together and still see each other and keep in touch today.

“I can truly say I am married to my best friend,” Nicole said.

The couple has been friends since the seventh grade when they each went to Chelsea. They were close friends throughout high school, too. Each had mutual friends in common and remained friends as they went their separate ways after they graduated together.

Nicole then moved to Tuscaloosa to go to school at the University of Alabama and Evan moved to the beach and began working.

A few years ago, Evan and Nicole each moved back, and picked right up where they left off with their friendship.

“We began spending most of our time together,” they said. Their close friendship eventually turned into a much deeper love for one another.

The couple loves golfing, hunting and being at the lake. They have a lot in common and enjoy spending any free time doing things together as a couple. Family is important to each of them and they are very close to their family and friends.

“In July 2008, he proposed and we got married Feb. 7, 2009,” Nicole recalled. Since they have been married almost a year and a half now, the couple has grown very close.

“In town no matter if you go the grocery store or DJs BBQ, everyone knows everyone and everyone is so friendly,” they said, describing why they love their hometown.

“We have enjoyed all of it and the new experiences it has brought. We truly enjoy calling Wilsonville home,” she said.