Stealing flowers a serious act

Published 12:51 pm Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dear Editor,

My Dad passed away at the age of 90 in January of this year. He is buried in the Vincent City Cemetery. His gravestone has flowerpots on each end. I have kept flowers in the pots since his passing.

On May 19, I went to check on the newly planted grass at the gravesite and one of the flower arrangements was missing. I called the city to complain and to check if there were others having this problem.

There had been no other complaints and they suggested the flowers might have blown away. That is not possible because they were very securely stuffed in the pots.

May 20, I bought two new arrangements for my Dad’s grave and placed them in the pots. I attached a note saying “DO NOT STEAL MY FLOWERS.” On May 21 I returned to the cemetery and both of the arrangements were gone. I also noticed that flowers at a grave very near my Dad’s grave were also missing.

Anyone who steals (not once but twice) flowers from a grave is the lowest of the low. The police did write a report after the second stealing but said he was not hopeful the thief would be caught.

I hope the guilty person in this disrespectful act is revealed and that his or her name is posted in all public buildings in Vincent and perhaps in all church bulletins. I also hope he or she has to pay a penalty or do jail time.