Out of the mouths of babes

Published 2:07 pm Monday, July 12, 2010

Some of the folks on my interview list are on vacation, so this week I am talking with 6-year-old Ben Honeycutt about important issues he should know now that kindergarten is behind him.

When asked what the most important thing he learned in kindergarten was, Ben quickly answered “reading.” He reads books, road signs and TV ads. His favorite book is currently “The Very Busy Spider.” “Can you tell me your teachers age?” I asked. “Hmmm, I think maybe 50, she’s not old and she’s sweet all the time.” Mrs. Williamson is probably 29 or so.

Ben, do you think your teacher would play softball, knit a blanket, ride a horse or play the piano? “She would play softball.” How many friends do you have? “Three I think and I have two girlfriends.” What is the hardest thing to remember at school? “Oh, all the rules and your manners.” What are manners? Name me some. After taking a minute or two Ben said he knew lots and lots of manners…”Saying yes ma’am and yes sir, please, thank you and excuse me were some of his top choices.

Favorite car? “A blue Jeep with no doors.” What does grown up mean? “You have to leave your parents and go to college.” What do you think would be the perfect job? “I’m really good with babies (brother Will is eleven months old) so I could be a babysitter or drive an ice cream truck.” (Perhaps he can be persuaded to change his mind later.)

Ben counted to 100 for me and named more than 20 colors. He knows his address, phone number and how to call 911 and most importantly when to call 911. Why is blue your favorite color, I asked.” Matches my eyes,” he replied. If you were President for a day what would you do? “Make more money to give to everybody.”

I was curious as to what a 6 year old would do with a hundred dollars if he could spend it all himself. “A swing set, a Perry Platapus and my little brother some more toys.” Isn’t that sweet?

Favorite movie? “Squeakel” and favorite chipmunk is Simon because he wears glasses and thinks hard.” Favorite animal? “Zebras – I like their hooves”.

His favorite foods – Mac and Cheese with Hershey’s chocolate milk.

How do we help sick or broken people Ben? “Get medicine for the sick ones and fix the broken ones.” Zack and Cody are his favorite T.V. characters, and if he had to stay in a “spooky house” he would prefer Dad to stay with him because his Mommy is a “scaredy cat.”

How about another baby at your house? “NO more babies my Mommy said.” When asked about marriage, Ben said. “Maybe I’ll get married or maybe I’ll just live on the beach.”

Last question: Do you love Jesus? “Of course,” he replied. Where does he live I asked? “Everybody knows he lives on a really big cloud named Heaven and he comes into our hearts when we need him.”