Vincent resident looks for answers

Published 12:39 pm Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dear Editor,

There are many questions about the proposed rock quarry in Vincent that I cannot explain.

-Why would anyone spend over ten million dollars to purchase land that was zoned agricultural/residential if they were not absolutely certain that they could get it rezoned to fit their needs?

-Why would anyone even consider allowing a rock quarry in their community?

-Why would a mayor and town council disregard the opinions of their constituents?

-Why would our senators and legislators turn a deaf ear to the voters in Vincent?

-Why would the Shelby County School Board ignore the health and welfare of the students in the Vincent schools?

-Why would the Vincent Planning Commission vote illegally to rezone White Rock’s land?

-Why would the Town of Vincent refuse to allow an independent consulting firm to evaluate the effects of a rock quarry on the town and surrounding property owners?

-Why would White Rock’s attorneys (Balch and Bingham, LLP) be involved in writing ordinances for the Town of Vincent?

-Who will be responsible for damages if the rock quarry goes in?

-Why doesn’t the town council acknowledge that the majority of the citizens of Vincent (67 percent) do not want a rock quarry in their town?

-Is there a special place in Hell for crooked politicians?

If anyone can explain any of this, I would be glad to listen.