Boys and Girls Club hosts treasure hunt through Montevallo

Published 2:16 pm Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Children in the Boys and Girls club in Montevallo channeled their inner explorers July 14 when they went on a “treasure hunt” to several local businesses.

“I’m amazed when children live in the city of Montevallo and don’t know what’s here,” said Freda Shivers, director of the Boys and Girls Club.

Shivers said the 66 children divided into three groups and went out into the town, visiting several businesses including Smitherman’s Pharmacy, Blue Phrog Art Gallery and Eclipse Coffee house looking for clues to their next destination.

“It’s a monotony-breaker for the kids,” Shivers said.

The children also got a taste of the democratic process when they voted between three restaurants for lunch.

“I thought it would be great public relations for these companies to introduce these kids to businesses they’re unfamiliar with,” Shivers said.