A trip with Tripp to Liberty Day

Published 4:02 pm Monday, July 19, 2010

My name is Tripp and I went to my first Liberty Day.

It was so much fun. My gran got me a John-John with flags on it. My baby sister’s dress had flags, too. My papa’s shirt was a flag. My gran told me that Liberty Day is a day to wear flags.

My mom and dad took me to Gran’s office and we went to see two girls with crowns on their heads. They were real pretty.

We ate lunch at Gran’s office and her whole office was red, white and blue. She had red, white and blue flowers. She had red, white and blue napkins. She had red, white and blue baby cakes. She had red, white and blue everywhere.

There were lots of pretty girls there. They were Miss Shelby Countys, Gran said. One was Miss Alabama. I am not sure what a Miss Shelby County is but she is pretty.

Mom and Dad took me to the carnival. I rode the cars up high. I rode lots of rides like the fair. I rode with my dad. It was fun.

Then we walked down this long street and saw lots of things. I saw people making music. They sounded good.

I got my hair painted. I looked like Lightening McQueen in Cars, my favorite movie. I love cars. I loved my hair painted.

Then my gran and papa, my mom and dad, and baby Rushton all stood on the side of the street and saw the fire engines and that pretty lady with the crown, the Miss Shelby, ride on the back on a fancy red car. We saw lots of trucks and things. Gran said it was a parade.

Then I heard this really, really loud noise, and it started to rain. It rained hard down. My daddy ran with me back to my Gran’s office. We got all wet.

My gran said she was done. I don’t know what that means but she lay down on Papa’s couch and couldn’t get up. Papa pulled her up.

We went home to Papa and Gran’s. Mama put me and Baby Rushton in the bath tub. I had to get rid of my Lightening hair. Mama washed and washed me. The bath tub turned pink. Mama washed the tub but it still is pink but not my hair.

I loved Liberty Day.