KidzFest 2010 to be communitywide event

Published 4:06 pm Monday, July 19, 2010

It would be difficult to say who is most excited about KidzFest 2010, Children’s Pastor Rodney Turner and wife Monica or the kids at Chelsea Community Church.

The pastors expect to minister to 100-plus children during the three-evening event scheduled for July 28-31 from 5-8:30 p.m.

“KidzFest 2010 is an event for our town and surrounding communities,” Turner said. “It’s not just a church event.”

“I want you to invite all your friends,” he told the Children’s Church kids Sunday morning. “If they go to another church, we are not trying to get them to start coming to our church, but we want them to come to KidzFest; it’s for the whole community.”

The Turners are excited about this great opportunity to assure kids that God loves them and that living for God is fun.

Kids listed among things to be excited about at KidzFest: giant inflatables, games, prizes, food, drama, singing and sermons.

“I think we’re going to have two dramas every night,” one young girl told me. “And sing praise and worship songs.”

“And have two sermons every night,” another child added enthusiastically.

After sitting in on a recent Children’s Church service, I could understand their enthusiasm and excitement for three straight evenings filled with similar activities.

Even the sermon was fun and exciting, allowing for interaction between pastor and children. But they experienced quieter times, too, with indication of dedication and commitment by many of the children.

“In both Sunday morning services, we average around 50 to 65 children,” Turner said.

Four or five older youth and adults assist the Turners as needed each Sunday. Around 50 adults and students will help with KidzFest, he said.

Turner said he and Monica prayerfully plan events for KidzFest using current happenings to establish the theme.

“I know there’s a need and a necessity to stay aware of everything that is going on so that we can better minister to this generation of children.”

KidzFest will be held at Chelsea Community Church, 4176 Shelby County 39, for children ages 4-13. Call 678-9565 for more information.