Sunset Salon offers unsurpassed service to clients

Published 4:22 pm Monday, July 19, 2010

I love to wear flip-flops, so I have stored my tennis shoes for the summer. Unfortunately, I did not plan ahead and my feet were not flip-flop ready until I went to Sunset Salon.

I enjoyed visiting with managing manicurist, Barbara Gray, as she worked on my hands and feet.

“I say people come the first time to get their nails done, the second for therapy,” Gray said. “After years of listening to my customers talk about their jobs, marriage, and house renovations, I realize I not only work on their physical body, but help them make decisions and mend emotions, too.”

Gray is a master manicurist with 22 years experience. After the phenomenal manicure and pedicure she gave me, my hands and feet looked and felt great.

“People are looking for services that don’t hurt and someone who understands them,” Gray said. “There are shops out there using products that can damage the nail.”

Gray recently published a cookbook. In addition to recipes, it contains humorous stories she has heard over the years.

“I write funny sayings I hear in a notebook,” Gray said. “I started printing them on T-shirts to sell in the salon, but I’m working on a website to merchandise them on other items-like coffee mugs, car decals and mouse pads.”

Gray suggested I make an appointment with Cindy Middleton, managing cosmetologist. Because of bad experiences with previous hair stylists I was a little uneasy at first, but quickly relaxed as she washed and conditioned my hair.

“I want my customers to have a spa experience,” Middleton said as she massaged my head. “I have a customer who drives from Trussville.”

Denise Poole’s daughter was getting highlights. “You shouldn’t be nervous about trying a new place,” Poole said. “Cindy listens to what you want and does only that.”

Another customer, Betty Miller, said, “Having your hair cut and styled should be a relaxing time. I went everywhere looking for that and found it here.”

Poole and Miller were right. Cindy cut and styled my hair exactly as I asked.

Gray and Middleton offer affordable services and are very willing to accommodate your schedule. Most salons make appointments based on store hours. Gray and Middleton are open the hours their customers need them.

To make an appointment with Gray, call 243-8548. With Middleton, call 919-7111.