Pelham Library is second to none

Published 12:43 pm Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dear Editor,

In Pelham we are proud to have a library that is one of only nine Blue Ribbon Award-winning libraries in the state. Our library is an asset for the city and is well used as can be illustrated by the fact that approximately 50 percent of the city’s population has library cards. In addition, last year residents visited the library 176,780 times. Our library is the most used library in Shelby County with 341,788 items checked out so far this year. Our library also provides 16 computers for public use, which have been used 16,425 times so far this year. It is important that this information should be reported to the public due to a letter in the opinion section of this paper.

The letter says the computer screens in the library are difficult to read and hurt library users’ eyes. In order to clear up this misunderstanding, it should be noted that the screen format that is in place is due to a print management system called Libdata. This system limits computer usage to one hour if other people are waiting to use computers.

Due to overwhelming demand for public access computers, the library instituted this system in order to ensure the fairest distribution of computer usage for everyone. It is a very simple process to adjust the computer’s screen setting by selecting “View,” followed by “Zoom” and then selecting the desired zoom setting. If text size is the problem, select “View,” “Text Size,” and then choose the desired setting.

Patrons are encouraged to request assistance from trained library personnel who will be happy to assist in making adjustments to their computer screens.

I hope this information clears up any misunderstanding about the computers at the Pelham Public Library. I urge anyone who hasn’t used the Pelham Public Library to do so. It has a very friendly and helpful staff and offers something for every member of the family.