Pelham library needs computer overhaul

Published 12:42 pm Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dear Editor,

In Pelham, in the last month, something was done to the computer system that makes the computers in the public library very difficult to use, because the screen format makes the text you read hurt your eyes really bad.

It is so blurry it makes you have a headache. The format is way too big and if you adjust it, it does not help.

The staffer at the library who I spoke with says that this is a new system and that Shelby County is responsible for this horrible change in the computer system. I say that is a bunch of hogwash.

I say it is likely the new mayor, who has probably decided that too many people are using the computer, or perhaps they want to discourage certain people from using it.

Whatever the case, I strongly urge all residents of Pelham to visit the library and if the system stays as it is today, it is horrible.

If you care about how your tax dollars are being spent and you think the public deserves to have the same wonderful computer access as, say, the Homewood or Hoover libraries, then I strongly urge you to contact Pelham’s mayor and ask him to fix the problem that has been created since he took office.

Perhaps Pelham citizens should tell him they know, as I also know, just how slick a scam like this is; to keep your library almost empty, by not giving quality service while collecting the same tax dollars from the citizens. He had better do something about this problem, or Pelham residents will do something about him in the next election.