Noland Hospital provides long-term patient care within Shelby County

Published 5:23 pm Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Noland Hospital, the county’s first long-term health care facility, celebrated its ribbon-cutting on Wedenesday, July 21.

The facility, located on the third floor of the main hospital on Shelby Baptist’s campus but operating as a separate hospital, will provide treatments for patients who require care for an extended period of time, usually from 20-30 days.

“We want to have a suite of top-quality services for our patients right here in Shelby County,” said Shelby Baptist’s chief operating officer Scott Williams. “We are glad to have Noland Hospital on our campus as we work together to provide expanded services to our patients.”

John Heffner, vice president of the hospital association, emphasized the importance of focusing on the patient during Noland’s future.

“Today’s filled with a lot of anticipation and excitement for what’s to come,” Heffner said. “But today’s just the beginning. We’ll need to focus on excellent care for our patients as we move forward.”

Heffner also discussed the historical importance of the new facility.

“It’s very rare that a new hospital opens in this state or anywhere,” he said. “We appreciate time and effort of Shelby Baptist employees. Everyone’s played a part in that legacy.”