Recycling made easy in Montevallo

Published 4:32 pm Monday, July 26, 2010

A meeting was held on July 17 to better acquaint business owners, residents and others about how the new 24-hour recycling center that Montevallo operates.

The center is located on the corner of Spring Creek and Overland Roads.

Herman Lehman, city clerk; David Belk, physical plant supervisor; V. Adams, Waste Pro representative; and Shane Dunaway, plant operator, were on hand to conduct the training session.

They explained the center is designed to handle all forms of paper, No. 1 and No. 2 plastics, mixed metals, aluminum cans and glass bottles. Citizens were asked to sort all items prior to drop-off and reminded that only clean items are accepted.

The paper category includes newspaper, phone books, magazines, cardboard, office paper and folders. Cardboard must be separated and deposited in the proper container.

Cereal boxes, for example, are considered cardboard. Paper that has touched food is not accepted.

Patrons were asked to check the bottom of plastic containers to be sure there is either a triangle outline with a 1 in the center and PETE beneath or a 2 in the triangle with HOPE beneath.

Those are the only kinds of plastic that the center will take.

Mixed metals include old lawnmowers, bicycles, scrap metal, etc. Items containing Freon are not accepted.

Glass bottles and jars are accepted, but the caps, lids and corks must be removed. All other glass is denied.

Aluminum cans must be separated from other cans and deposited in the proper bin.

Other metal cans may be dropped in the “mixed metals” container.

The center operators insisted that no common garbage be left at the center and that no plastic bags be thrown in with the paper or other items.

These things create a big problem for the center and the public was reminded that the center is there for their benefit and that to maximize the benefit; everyone must carefully follow the proper procedures.

“We’re working now to overcome the problem of people not sorting items properly,” said Lehman. “If a person cares enough to recycle, why not care enough to follow the easy instructions and do it right?”

Other information regarding the recycling program can be found on the city’s website:

Those interested in volunteering at the center should call 665-2555.