Little Miss Shelby County, natural beauty inside and out

Published 3:28 pm Monday, August 2, 2010

Kelley Snider of Wilsonville is the reigning Little Miss Shelby County.

The Little Miss Shelby County pageant, held at the Columbiana United Methodist Church, was the very first pageant she decided to be in and it all came naturally for her as she brought home the crown.

“I am able to wear a formal dress this year, and this is what I have been waiting on,” Kelley said.

After winning Little Miss Shelby County, Kelley went on to the Little Miss Alabama pageant in Huntsville.

This was only her second pageant to be in, and she still was named Most Beautiful Smile and got first runner-up overall.

“We were very proud of her in both of the pageants. We felt like she did a great job,” said her parents, Doug and Cathy Snider.

Her overall experience with both pageants was great, as she learned a lot from them and met a lot of new friends.

Her favorite part about each of the pageants was getting to go pick out her evening gowns, and getting her makeup, hair and nails done. She also loved getting to go meet new people while having fun learning more about how to do pageants.

Kelley went to Joyce’s Formals in Hueytown to get her dress. With the help of Joyce, Sharon, and a dear friend there, Traci Hamner, they were able to find the perfect gown.

“Kelley had never been in a pageant before, and so she really didn’t know how to do anything. So Traci Hamner became her pageant coach and helped her with her walk and also questions that she might be ask in her interview,” Cathy said.

The practice paid off as Kelley breezed through interview, evening gown, and sportswear in the pageants. Her sportswear was a western look.

When Kelley does pageants, she has a big support group of her biggest fans that come to cheer her on.

Of those people, some of her biggest supporters through this have been her family.

Along with her mom and dad, Kelley’s big brothers, Justin and Will Snider also come for her, and everyone has a great time.

Kelley has loved the unforgettable experience she has had participating in the pageants, and does plan to be in more pageants in the future.