Story emphasizes faith in God

Published 12:35 pm Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dear Editor,

Thank you for the write-up regarding the missionaries from Asbury Methodist Church in last week’s paper. It was a very powerful story, and should rightly be printed.

I haven’t read the Reporter for very long, so it surprised me that it emphasized God’s part in the story. With all the commotion in the media today about not offending people, that’s truly unique.

I don’t want to say anything that detracts from the article, but I do want to add that not only was God controlling the timing of the events leading up to the bomb, but he literally shielded that group of missionaries from harm.

I encourage all to go to Allan Nunnally’s blog at

It says that the group was literally walking barefoot on glass for minutes and they didn’t receive a scratch.

The group prayed after the bombing that somehow God would be glorified by what just occurred, and your article just might be an answer to that prayer. All glory to God.