Shelby County sees triple-digit temperatures

Published 3:58 pm Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Many Shelby County residents have been feeling the heat over the last several days, and according to the National Weather Service, the rest of the week won’t provide much relief.

The high temperature for Aug. 4 reached at least 100 degrees, said Gary Goggins, National Weather Service meteorologist. The heat index topped out at 111 degrees.

“Any excessive activities outside should be kept as short as possible,” Goggins said. “If you are going to be outside, you should wear light-weight, light-colored clothing and make sure you’re drinking plenty of water.”

The high temperatures for the rest of the week and weekend will be in the upper to mid 90s, he said. Even nighttime temperatures will be excessive.

The only heat relief may come from afternoon thunderstorms, he said.

“The reason for these storms is the heat and humidity,” he said. “This gives the storms lots of fuel to develop.”

Shelby County remains in an excessive heat warning until 7 p.m. Aug. 5.