New Kingwood principal takes over for Peace Corps-bound predecessor

Published 6:01 pm Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kingwood Christian School’s new principal is looking to expand the school’s offerings while helping one of Kingwood’s largest-ever student bodies improve in many aspects of their lives.

Lorna Davis came to KCS in June after a lengthy career teaching in schools and colleges throughout the Southeast, and has been preparing for months for the first class days of the semester.

Davis began serving as the school’s principal after the former principal, Margaret Pickett, left the school to teach college-level English in the Philippines through the Peace Corps.

“She will be gone for two-and-a-half years serving the Peace Corps in the Philippines,” Davis said of Pickett. “We are all thinking and praying for her. All of us here love her.”

As Davis took a moment to relax in her office at the end of a busy school day, she said she would like to help bring more courses to the school and help Kingwood’s nearly 400 students mature spiritually, academically and personally.

“Hopefully, we can bring more courses to the school. I’d like to see some different subjects that we don’t have right now,” Davis said. “I think this is a great place for parents to send their kids.

“We are a family here. We all care about each other,” she added. “We want what’s best for our students in all areas of their lives.”

Because Davis has worked for more than nine years in public schools and has home-schooled, she said a Christian-based education is a different experience for her.

“The major difference is that we get the opportunity to bring prayer and God into the classroom every day,” Davis said. “You broaden the students’ horizons when you do that.

“The teachers usually begin every class with prayer,” she added. “I love that.”

Since coming to the Alabaster school, Davis, a first-time principal, said the school and the community have been supporting her and helping her adjust to her new duties.

“I spent a lot of the summer trying to learn the ins and outs of being a principal,” she said. “I went on a senior retreat with our seniors last weekend, and it was great to spend time getting to know them.

“I want to continue to help our school grow and improve every day,” Davis added. “The first days of the semester have been very exciting so far.”