The Blue Building serves variety

Published 4:34 pm Monday, August 23, 2010

Suzanne Edinger, owner of The Blue Building in Alabaster, has been running the store off U.S. 31 for about a year.

Are you into junking, antiquing, collectables, estate sales or just looking for the unusual or that perfect “something” that catches your eye?

Whatever category you find yourself, in Suzanne at The Blue Building on Main Street in Alabaster is your girl. If she doesn’t have it, she will take your name, number or a description of what you want so she can “be on the lookout” for that item.

On a recent Friday morning I arrived just after opening time.  When I left two hours later, at least 30 people had been in. If you’re not a “regular” Suzanne will smile and ask if you are familiar with the vast store. More than 25 vendors, rooms, stairways and ramps add to the “adventure” of the place.

It’s okay to get turned around and come back across the same rooms, because I guarantee you’ll see something you missed on your first trip through.

Looking for old wooden skis, broke-in cowboy boots, romantic swinging beds, old lawn furniture, children’s furniture, Depression glass, grandma’s dining room suite, jewelry (modern and antique), many varieties of art work, fire screens, old shutters and window panes, antique mantels, Christmas decorations, Coca-Cola Cola collectibles, dozens of occasional tables (coffee, end or corner), gardening tools, lake or beach décor, wringer washer, wash pots, lovely China and crystal, baby afghans, antique frames, a handmade cradle, pool cues, rocker horses, a massive bar (Pulaski) for your recreation room, granite salon stations (retro – hey beauticians) or a zillion other items, you will be amazed at the collections here.

Suzanne Edinger and her husband Scott are originally from Philadelphia, Penn. and came here in 2002 with Scott’s job.  They have five children.  The oldest is in University of Alabama Law School -the youngest is age 8.

At the side of her dad, Edinger was a little sponge absorbing how to salvage, save, re-create, repair, paint…whatever it took on whatever project.

Being a naturally “crafty” person, she previously had a booth in a Hoover location, then was a vendor and part-time employee at Southern Consignment the previous name of Blue Building.

On Aug. 1, 2009 Edinbger opened as owner of the Blue Building.  She absolutely loves her job and hopes in 10 years or so, Scott will be able to “manage the business” (he has years of retail experience) and she can travel and buy, (Professional Collector of the Unusual).

Edinger is personable, knowledgeable and real “down to earth.”  She sells the $3 item with the same courtesy and delight as she does the $3,000 item.

Be sure to reserve half a day if you really want to explore the Blue Building.

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