Biscuit Boy’s offered at market

Published 3:58 pm Monday, August 30, 2010

Selena and Maddie, daughters of business founder Lori Reed, help sell tasty Biscuit Boy’s Sauces and Jellies at Mt Laurel market.

Late August sun beamed down, lighting the street at Mt Laurel, where a weekly farmers’ market is held each Saturday.

Tables in vendor cabanas groaned with loads of fresh local-grown vegetables and handmade crafts. Customers strolled down the street, some with dogs straining on leashes.

One vendor stood out as different from the others. I approached the display of Lori Reed, founder of Biscuit Boy’s. Her sauces and jelly jars reflected midmorning sun rays. I scanned the rows, my mouth watering: pear preserves, pepper jelly, orange marmalade, berry jam, tangy barbeque sauce.

Reed beamed. “Biscuit Boy just left,” she said, explaining, “Biscuit Boy is what we call our son, and our products. Oh, how he loves my biscuits.”

Then Reed told how she and her husband had prayed to see God in action. They have two daughters. God’s answer came in a “surprise” son, now two and a half years old.

Reed believes all things are good in moderation, even sugar. Each product has a Bible verse on the label. It says, “Every good and every perfect thing comes from above.” James 1:17. Biscuit Boy’s Sauces and Jellies are barbeque and grilling sauces, jellies, jams and preserves, 11 unique recipes. All are homemade in her kitchen with all-natural ingredients. None of the products contain high-fructose corn syrup. The sweetness comes from honey, brown sugar or unsweetened apple juice.

“I come from a family of cooks,” Reed said, smiling. “Actually, my husband inspired me to start this business. He likes my tangy grilling sauces.”

Reed’s daughters Selena and Maddie are taste-testers for the business. “I get a lot of help and prayer,” Reed said, adding, the daughters also help with display set up and take down at the market each week.

“Biscuit Boy’s is a side business, a learning experience,” Reed said, “Actually, I teach 11th grade English at Childersburg High School.” It’s evident that her daughters are learning how to be responsible, and being taught good values, too.

Biscuit Boy’s Sauces and Jellies has plans for a website early next year. Now through the end of October, you can find Reed selling fine homemade products at the Mt Laurel Farmer’s Market each Saturday morning. Maybe you’ll meet Biscuit Boy there.

On Sept. 24, they will be selling at the Coosa Fest. Also, you may email Lori Reed at for information and purchase.

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