Animal abuse exists, even in Wilsonville

Published 12:52 pm Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dear Editor,

What is animal abuse or neglect? Could it be leaving your animal for four days without anyone checking on it, feeding it or watering it?

Some seem to think because they put buckets of food out and filled the water jug up, this is OK. Is this not neglect in 95-degree weather?

Or what about a large 90-pound dog living in its own feces in a 5-by-5 pen shoved in the back surrounded by high grass and trees so no one can see it? Do you think because you have a pool crammed in there full of mud and feces, that you are doing a benefit to your dog?

What exactly do you think is animal neglect? How about tying a 10-pound dog to a tree without water and saying that it is your guard dog? What good does it do to have a “guard dog” if you don’t feed it, water it or provide it shelter from the weather?

In case you didn’t know, a tree is not considered shelter.

What about tying a goat to the tree and thinking that just because it can eat the grass, it doesn’t need water or shelter — only to find it dead days later, possibly from a heatstroke?

People like this exist and they are located in Wilsonville.

It is amazing how many times the law is called out to review how these ignorant people treat their animals, but no change is made. Warnings are given, but that is all.

The people smile and say they will do right and then weeks later another call is placed because the animal is being neglected yet again.

Those people took the responsibility of having an animal, which means they took the responsibility of taking care of that animal. They domesticated that animal, causing it to rely on them alone and yet they failed.

People who treat their animals like this are selfish, inconsiderate and inhumane people, and my only wish for them is that they are provided with the love and care they have provided for their animals.

April Newman