Meeting to determine Spain Park coach’s fate cancelled

Published 6:13 pm Tuesday, September 14, 2010

By WESLEY HALLMAN / Sports Editor

The Hoover Board of Education’s special-called meeting Thursday, Sept. 16 to determine the fate of suspended Spain Park head football coach David Shores has been cancelled, said BOE President A.W. Bolt.

“It was cancelled at Shores’ request,” Bolt said.

The meeting, which was set for 5:30 p.m. Thursday, has not been rescheduled. Bolt said the board’s lawyers and Shores’ lawyers are currently in discussion with each other to determine the date of the special-called meeting. Bolt said Shores’ lawyers asked to have the meeting “about two weeks from now.”

Shores’ lawyer Matt Goforth did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment.

Bolt said Superintendent Andy Craig recommended Shores’ coaching contract be terminated when the initial date for the meeting was set. Bolt said Spain Park principal Chris Shaw agreed with Craig’s recommendation.

Shores’ three-year coaching contract is set to expire following the 2010 season.

Craig recommended that the board hold a special-called meeting to consider whether Shores should be terminated from his position as head football coach at Spain Park.

“At a hearing involving the termination of an employment contract, witnesses will be called to present evidence,” Craig said in the statement. “While this matter is time sensitive, Shores must be given sufficient time to prepare for the hearing and to present evidence. The proposed time and date for the hearing on this matter are subject to the availability of the board members, Shores and his attorneys.”

Shores was placed on paid administrative leave following an alleged physical altercation with a player at a team practice Aug. 24. An investigation into the incident by the Hoover City School Board has been ongoing since the incident occurred.