Volunteers help make county better

Published 10:45 am Tuesday, September 21, 2010

While spending time with the selfless volunteers who participated in the United Way kickoff Sept. 16, I quickly realized how many people in Alabaster and Shelby County are willing to donate their valuable time to help those who are less fortunate.

All morning, a handful of volunteers from local organizations and businesses throughout the area voluntarily scooped wheelbarrows full of dirt and rocks from a drainage ditch behind Family Connection’s counseling center.

Over the past several weeks, heavy rains had washed the material down the hill into the drain, and it was causing water to back up into the center.

Weeds were also beginning to take over the hillside behind the center, and the volunteers helped to cut them back and improve the appearance of the entire Family Connection campus.

Those who volunteered to help at Family Connection definitely had a labor-intensive task, but I was impressed by how happy all of them were while they toiled in the Alabama heat.

“I retired in February, but I love to come out and help with things like that,” Doug Brown, one of the volunteers, told me.

They weren’t getting paid, and they weren’t expecting any praise. They just wanted to help out.

The cleanup at Family Connection was one of several volunteer projects taking place during the kickoff day, meaning dozens of selfless workers gave their time to help the county’s charities.

I really enjoy getting to report about events like the kickoff, because it gives me a chance to see and talk to many of the amazing people who help to make Shelby County better every day.

The kickoff day volunteers weren’t looking for praise or admiration, but I feel they deserve all the thanks in the world.