Chelsea adds city raises to budget

Published 3:31 pm Wednesday, October 6, 2010

CHELSEA — The Chelsea City Council has decided against a proposed freeze on city raises for its 2010-2011 budget. At the Sept. 21 council meeting, the council voted to revise the originally proposed budget to include a 3 percent raise for all city employees.

The original budget presented by Mayor Earl Niven allowed for no raises for city employees.

“I actually had two budgets prepared and I wanted to get the feel of the council,” Niven said. “We talked about it and looked at how other cities were taking away raises and I had their support. We have really good employees and anytime you can do a little something extra for them in this economy, I know it’s appreciated.”

Niven said the new budget increases estimated revenue through sales tax to accommodate the raises without increasing city spending.

The final budget of about $4.2 million was approved at the Sept. 21 meeting.