Management calendar helps students and educators

Published 4:39 pm Monday, October 11, 2010

Storm Majewski demonstrates the simplicity of her Everyday Management Calendar.

Storm Majewski, a single mom, began her two school age sons in the public school system.

Comfortable with an educational setup that has existed for hundreds of years, Majewski saw no need to alter the educational plan already established.

Three years ago, God changed her mind.

“I had not planned on homeschooling, but couldn’t side-step God’s prompting,” Majewski said. “At every avenue and crossroad, I encountered homeschooling in one context or another.”

Having investigated the wide spectrum of options homeschooling offered, Majewski found an abundance of tools. She learned that finding the right management path was definitely a challenge.

“At first, homeschooling can appear quite daunting,” Majewski said. “However, in addition to statistics for academic achievement of homeschooled versus system educated students, there are a lot of rewards in taking a hands-on approach to your child’s education.”

Majewski purchased planners, handheld PDAs and tried free online programs. Nothing worked.

Finally, she found a program that allowed her children to view assignments and let her document grades. This worked until her computer crashed. First semester grades were lost and due in a mere week.

This catastrophe had Storm searching for something to outlast and outperform any tool she had utilized. By second semester, the Everyday Management Calendar (EMC2) was created.

“EMC2 brings back the simple basics of life,” Majewski said. “In a fast pace world of technology, there is something to be said for sticking to simplicity.”

It can be used in a way that best fits student and/or educator. In the Majewski household, her sons use colored pencils to shade in completed assignments. Majewski records grades in the notes section for each month. This allows a simple glance for both parent and child to evaluate homework progress, test grades and overall comprehension of their educational progress.

The calendar measures 18” x 12” closed, 18” x 24” opened. Each month features a subject column, days of the week and a large notes section. This simplifies recording assignments, grades and extracurricular planning. The calendar will fit in small spaces. Storing a year’s worth of recordkeeping in a spiral bound format for convenience means no loose papers or computer that could crash.

EMC2 is a management tool that benefits educators and students of all ages. Read a review about the calendar on and get a chance to win a free calendar.

The calendars cost $16.95. Order by e-mail,, or by phone, 205-623-7631.

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