Follow school’s example

Published 12:02 pm Tuesday, October 12, 2010

At Wilsonville Elementary School, educators aren’t just focused on honing students’ intellects. School officials are making it easier for students to improve their bodies, as well, by bringing a focus on a healthy diet and exercise.

By allowing farmers to interact with the school by having them deliver fresh vegetables, educators are helping students build a healthy relationship with both food and the community around them.

Every school in the county should follow this example. How much more connected would we all be to our hometowns if we consistently ate the food produced there? Because of these experiences with local food at a young age, the Wilsonville students will be more likely to choose fresh, local food as they grow up.

For years, we’ve heard the excuses: budget cuts make it harder to plan healthy meals in schools, and kids just won’t eat healthier foods anyway. It’s good to see those myths being discredited.

Beyond that, Wilsonville Elementary teachers are also working to help students strengthen their bodies through everyday exercise.

With such role models and healthy habits, the kids at Wilsonville Elementary should be on the fast track to a lifetime eating well and exercising.

Eating healthier in schools can — and does — work. We have proof of it right here in our own county.