Famous filmmakers take over class

Published 1:00 pm Sunday, October 17, 2010

"Saturday Night Fever" director John Badham leads the "all-school assembly" at Indian Springs School event Film 101 Oct. 16.

By KATIE HURST/Staff Writer

INDIAN SPRINGS — As the bell rang at Indian Springs School Oct. 16, students hurried down hallways to get to their next class. These were not the normal school students, however, but parents, alumni and supporters of the school with wine glasses in hand, attending the school’s fundraising event, Film 101.

In each classroom, noteworthy alumni filmmakers could be found teaching their class subjects ranging from the art of storytelling to the art of the moving camera shot.

“Saturday Night Fever” director John Badham, “Baby Mama” writer and director Michael McCullers and Emmy-award winning documentary filmmaker Celia Carey each taught courses throughout the evening.

The event was designed to mimic the school’s format, said Melanie Kieve, Indian Springs assistant director of development. When buying tickets, participants selected courses to attend from a class list. The event began with an “all-school assembly” presented by Badham and ended after three class periods with a “graduation” including coffee, desserts and a silent auction.

Carey, who attended the school for three years, said being back at her alma mater was exciting and a little surreal.

“I had a dream a while back that I was at Indian Springs and I was sitting in a classroom and all my old friends were teaching the classes,” she said. “I was very unprepared. I didn’t have my homework, wasn’t ready for quizzes. It was a nightmare really. And here I am, the situation is reversed and I’m teaching the class.”

Carey taught a course on documentary storytelling, explaining the methods and organization required to put a film together.

“I’m teaching the same course tonight as I teach to college film students when I’m asked to guest lecture,” she said. “I’m going to show them the way I tell documentaries, it’s like a giant puzzle you have to put together. A story is in each different segment of the puzzle.”

Event guest, Janet Stewart, said she appreciated the fundraiser because it was unique and different from other events.

“Everything about Indian Springs is smart and this is a smart and fun event,” she said. “Plus everyone wants time to reconnect with old friends.”

Ticket sales and silent auction revenue benefited the Indian Springs School annual fund, which provides needs-based scholarships and supports student activities, faculty salaries and updates to campus facilities.