Car crashes into Saginaw fire station

Published 9:18 am Monday, October 18, 2010

A unidentified driver plowed this car into the Saginaw Fire Station on Sunday afternoon. The driver suffered minor injuries and was transported to UAB for treatment, fire department personnel said. (Contributed/Corey Baginski)


SAGINAW — The Saginaw Fire Department facility, as well as its tanker truck and engine, were damaged on Sunday afternoon when a driver crashed into the building.

Fire department personnel said the driver, who possessed no identification or proof of insurance, apparently overcompensated after correcting a swerve into oncoming traffic and plowed into the fire department building.

The driver sustained minor injuries and was transported to UAB in Birmingham for treatment.

Fire department personnel said the tanker and engine are out of service due to damage sustained in the accident. Fire calls will be handled by outside agencies with whom the Saginaw Fire Department has mutual aid agreements.

The department’s rescue truck was undamaged and the department will continue to make medical calls.