Go tell it…on the Reporter’s Faith page

Published 11:22 am Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Each week, this newspaper devotes at least a full page of its space to matters of church and faith.

And, each week, we struggle with the areas on that page from which we depend on Shelby County church leaders and church goers to supply content.

Let me explain. Our Faith page includes space each week for pastors, ministers, priests or other church leaders to share their thoughts on faith with our readers by publishing a column. Despite the many, many thriving, vibrant churches in Shelby County, it’s only a handful of pastors who take advantage of this well-read, free space to tell their church’s story or share their testimony.

Another area of our Faith page, Amen Corner, depends on church goers to submit their photos of activities and events that take place at their church, like festivals, missions and revivals.

Even though the space is free and can be used by any Shelby County church or church goer to publicize the good works of their church, submissions of photos to Amen Corner are few and far between.

I invite you to reach out to those in your church — your pastor, youth minister or person in charge of publicity — and make good use of the Shelby County Reporter’s Faith page.

It’s very easy. If you are a pastor or church leader, please send us your thoughts in the form of a column.

You simply need to put 250 words in a Microsoft Word document or body of an email and send it to me at jan.griffey@shelbycountyreporter.com.

If you have photos of events and activities at your church, send those to us, too, in the form of an email attachment and we’ll publish them on our Faith page. Questions? Please call me at 669-3131.

Our Faith page is important to us. We know from comments from readers that they enjoy the page. We are committed to it.

We hope you’ll take full advantage of it when you work to spread good news about your church and your faith.