Marriages for the week of October 20, 2010

Published 8:48 am Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The following couples applied for marriage licenses in Shelby County from Oct. 5-11:

-Scott Jason Lewis, 38, of Pelham and Amanda Brooke Smith, 29, of Pelham.

-Ryan Leander Ford, 43, of Birmingham and Amy Lynn Marable, 34, of Birmingham.

-Brent Paul Harris, 31, of Montgomery and Leigh Ann Brooke Defnall, 26, of Birmingham.

-Gregory Paul Smith, 35, of Birmingham and Kelly Elizabeth Brady, 25, of Birmingham.

-Robert Gene Fecik, 41, of Birmingham and Elicia Fleming Roskam, 36, of Birmingham.

-Jackson Hardeman Louis, 27, of Arlington, Tx. and Leigh Anna Kimbrough, 27, of Birmingham.

-Ernest C. Martin Jr., 62, of Chelsea and Phyllis Mary Mena, 49, of Chelsea.

-Kurt Paul Bear III, 56, of Birmingham and Terri E. Harper, 45, of Birmingham,

-Christopher Michael Whitfield, 37, of Shelby and Carol M. Boggs, 47, of Augusta, Ga.

-Victor Charles Hudson, 30, of Montevallo and Melissa Lynn Martin, 27, of Montevallo.

-Martin Mutanda, 19, of Montevallo and Barbara Jill Brunson, 20, of Montevallo.

-Joseph Lyndon Chester Thomas, 30, of Pell City and Tonya Renee Martin, 26, of Pell City.

-Johnathan Romero, 28, of London and Katie Crystal Justo, 28, of Huntsville.

-Christopher Allen Martin, 35, of Chelsea and Melissa Ann Belcher, 25, of Chelsea.

-Mark Allen Lawrence, 27, of Birmingham and Amy Kathryn Larsen, 24, of Birmingham,

-William Nathaniel Johnson, 35, of Wilsonville and Cynthia Nicole Nichols, 32, of Columbiana.

-Brady Mark Logan, 24, of Birmingham and Marie Rebecca Franklin, 23, of Birmingham,

-Jeffery Chad Dunkin, 26, of Calera and Lubisa Josephine Dotzler, 32, of Calera.

-William David Brown, 52, of Birmingham and Shannon Danielle Pass, 42, of Birmingham,

-Cary Lynn Yeoman, 38, of Calera and Amy Boyd Melofsky, 35, of Calera.

-Jeremy Allen Rodgers, 32, of Calera and Margaret Elizabeth Slater, 27, of Calera.

-Joseph Adam Stetz, 39, of Birmingham and Joann Bailey Eason, 38, of Pelham.

-Raymond Eugene Smith, 36, of Birmingham and Heather Ariel Lougher, 29, of Montevallo.