Old title, new story for walk-through drama

Published 4:10 pm Monday, October 25, 2010

A make-believe victim of an automobile accident is checked out by paramedics in Chelsea Community Church’s Haunting Truth production last year. The church is hosting the event again this year.

“The Haunting Truth” is the name again this year, but the story line is different, for the annual walk-thru drama at Chelsea Community Church.

The story is based on a situation that he once had to deal with as a pastor, said lead Pastor Greg Davis, who wrote the script. “The drama is pretty intense and emotional.”

“The presentation is stressful and dramatic, much like life,” Registrar Jessica Genry, said. “There’s no sugar coating. It’s the truth and it’s powerful, but we feel the truth must be told.”

Someone else added that it’s very stirring, and could change a person’s life.

“It’s a real cutting edge presentation that will definitely make you think,” added another. She suggests that parents go through before deciding whether to let children younger than age 12 watch it.

Davis said about 1,000 people went through last year’s three-night presentation. This year it will run for four nights with capacity for 1,500. It would be a good idea for people, especially groups, to make reservations, he said, but walk-ins are welcome.

“We will try to accommodate everyone who wants to attend,” he said. However, children under 11 must be accompanied by an adult, and he does not recommend it for children younger than 6.

Times are 6 to 10 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday, and 6 p.m. to midnight Friday and Saturday, October 27-30. Groups of 15 will start through about every 15 minutes.

The walk-through drama is free. Concessions will be available for purchase while people wait their turn. No childcare will be provided.

About 65 people are in the cast of “The Haunting Truth.” A hundred or more are involved in the production in some capacity.

“But it’s our youth who have the ultimate level of commitment,” Genry said. “They perform at least 15 times per night and each time with the same passion as the last. That comes from believing in what they are doing.”

Last year, 118 people came to know Jesus as their savior, the pastor said, and 176 rededicated their lives.

“Seeing so many people come to Christ was amazing,” said Bobby Helms.

Jessica Genry said many people came in looking stressed or disinterested, as though they were being forced to attend the drama, but came out after the walk-through looking “genuinely happy, peaceful and even relieved.”

For more information contact the church at 678-9565; through Facebook, or at Chelseacc.com.

Shelba Nivens can be reached by e-mail at ssnivens@bellsouth.net.