Local family hears request for prayers

Published 11:04 am Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dear Editor,

Through the Reporter and through First Baptist Church of Alabaster, I had heard about the 3 weeknight rallies in advance of the Pelham/Thompson football game on Oct. 8.

The idea, the participation, and the reports are very encouraging. I did not attend on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday; however, I did go to the football game.

Here is one report that only my husband, myself, and a few others could make. As we were walking up the sidewalk to the parking lot after the game, from a car on the road came this request, called out through the open window: “Pray for us!” After the many, many discouraging things I see and hear when attending high school and college football games, I don’t think I shall ever forget that moment.

Several times since, I have prayed for the one who said that and for each additional student in that car, as well as our students and schools in general.

I thank the student who had the courage to call out to whomever might hear, “Pray for us!” I thank God I was nearby and heard it. I hope the student has confidence that someone did hear and did take the plea seriously.

Praise the Lord; may His name be always lifted up everywhere. May the human race never cease to serve God and to believe in His Son, Jesus Christ.

Betsy Lowery