Biography Pumpkin Project

Published 12:52 pm Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Third-graders at Wilsonville Elementary School show off their Biography Pumpkin Project.

Emily Gravitt’s third grade class at Wilsonville Elementary School is having fun as they do projects to incorporate the joy of fall.

They, along with the other third-grade classes just completed a Biography Pumpkin Project. “Each student chose a biography to read, then decorated a pumpkin to resemble his or her famous person, along with completing a poster giving important information about that person’s life” Gravitt explained.

The class has a variety of famous people they chose for the project, all the way from Albert Einstein to Taylor Swift.

Not only did the students have fun decorating their pumpkins and working on their posters, but the biography pumpkins were on display in the cafeteria and parents also enjoyed them on Parenting Day.

“The students are working hard every day this year as we prepare for standardized testing, which is all new to third- graders” Emily said as she described what a great class she has this year.

“They are so eager to learn and get along so well with each other. They love helping each other, so we do a lot of partner and group work. It is great when you have students who are so willing to lead by their positive example” she says.

Each month at Wilsonville Elementary School, each class selects two students who have good characteristics throughout the month to honor. “I always have trouble choosing just two students, because I have so many who meet those qualifications” she said proudly.

Emily’s students love science. “We do a lot of investigations, thanks to materials supplied to us by AMSTI. Watching the students learn through investigating is so cool!” she said.

This is more interesting to the students than just reading about something in a textbook.

Gravitt describes that almost every morning the students want to know what they will do in science class. “We have just started a new unit on the human body. Studying bones is a big part of this unit. We will be dissecting owl pellets during this unit of study” she said of the interesting lessons she has planned.

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